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Where shall we go today? The supermarket, the hairdresser, the café or maybe the doll doctor? No matter where you go, your doll/teddy bear can lie safe and sound in the byASTRUP® carrycot for the entire walk.
This luxurious, exclusive, retro-design doll’s carrycot has a removable hood and flap, making it very versatile. The hood is attached with press studs and the top flap with a zip. The sides are stiffened and the two handles make it easy to carry your doll or teddy bear in the carrycot.  
We have made it possible for you to create exactly the look you want. Just add a set of exquisite byASTRUP® bedding to be absolutely sure that your doll/teddy bear will not get cold.

The carrycot fits in the byASTRUP® rattan doll’s pram.

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