Children love to decorate and dress up.
For dressing up, byASTRUP has the finest capes with flowing collars in tulle as well as beautiful airy skirts and veils – of course also in tulle.

Fairy Tales are the Stuff that Dreams Are Made Of

When a loving couple wishes to get married in Denmark, the ceremony can take place just about anywhere – in a church, a town hall, at the water’s edge, in a park or maybe even a castle. Some people, probably women most of all, dream of a romantic, magical, princess wedding with a reception in a fairy-tale castle, a stunning white wedding dress, a romantic wedding ball in the great hall – a wedding, every element of which is straight out of a fairy tale, where the prince on a white stallion sweeps the princess off her feet. A totally magical, fairy-tale day.
byASTRUP Princess Capes
The above scenario is the princess dream of many women – mothers and daughters alike – and they would willingly give half a kingdom to get it. Many girls of all ages also dream of the life of a princess, or at least of becoming a princess for a day. At some point, all girls role play, imagining themselves as a beautiful princess, a flying fairy or a ‘fancy lady’. They love dressing up, and they love pretending to  do their makeup, paint their nails, style their hair etc. Just think of Shrovetide in Denmark when children dress up. Lots of girls want to wear a princess dress from well-known cartoons and movies.
We believe that dressing up is also a positive and important ingredient in children’s role play – and not only during Shrovetide and on other special occasions. On the contrary, we think that there should be costumes in any children’s bedroom at all times. Even a simple cape can inspire role play, triggering imagination and empathy.
byASTRUP Makeup Set, Hairdresser Set, Barber Set
For fairy and princess role play, byASTRUP has designed some beautiful capes, skirts and veils in stunning, airy tulle. We have a makeup set, a hairdresser set and lots of other wooden accessories for this important role play. In fact, byASTRUP has everything for the magical dream universe, in which children are allowed to play beautiful princesses and exquisite fairies.
Children take on the adult world, imitate adults and learn about life. byASTRUP has products that help create a setting in which imagination and creativity can thrive and grow.
byASTRUP Dressing Table and Table Mirror
The princess’s beauty chamber must of course feature nothing less than a dressing table. Given its simple, elegant design, our byASTRUP dressing table looks great in any girl’s bedroom, whether she is 3 or 11 years old. The table features a three-section mirror, making it possible to view your hair from several angles, and the table has a neat little drawer to keep knick-knacks tucked away. The dressing table comes with a cute little stool in the same style as the table. You can push the stool under the table, so it does not take up room when not in use.
The dressing table is not only perfect for princess role play, but for any games in which a child imagines they are a makeup artist, hairdresser or barber. Slightly older girls, who think they are too big to play, can still use the dressing table for their first application of lipstick, or simply putting their hair up for school.
If there is not enough room for the large dressing table, the small byASTRUP table mirror is a perfect choice. The cute oval mirror can be tilted, and makeup can be stored in the small drawer. It is a great alternative to a dressing table, when space is at a premium.
Makeup Without Chemicals
The byASTRUP makeup set and hairdresser set have everything you need for the perfect makeup or hair style. The products are realistic, but on a smaller scale than the real articles. A huge extra advantage is the fact that mum and dad do not have to worry about the allergies that real makeup can cause. Everything is made of wood – FSC-certified wood into the bargain – so we can protect nature’s resources.

Dressing up (kort tekst øverst)
Most children enjoy playing princess, popstar, hairdresser, barber or makeup artist. Children love dressing up. With the byASTRUP makeup set, barber set and hairdresser set, they can really express themselves in their role-playing games. The sets feature an abundance of realistic elements – everything from hair dryer, hair straightener, hairspray, brush, razor etc. to perfume, lipstick, eyeshadow, mascara and nail polish. There is everything for endless hours of play with friends When it comes to dressing up, byASTRUP has a range of gorgeous tulle capes with frilly collars and beautiful airy skirts and veils – also in tulle, of course.
The byASTRUP makeup table is bound to be a big hit with any girl. Its 3-section mirror is perfect for applying makeup or doing their hair. It is a beautiful item of furniture, whose simple design and calm colours look great in any children’s room.
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