At ASTRUP Group A/S, we take responsibility
– we want to be part of creating a safe future for our children

Global warming, food waste, too much plastic in the natural environment etc. – everyday life is shaped by challenges for all of us.

No-one – politicians, companies, organisation or consumers – can solve these challenges alone and ensure a safe future for our children. We all have a shared responsibility – we must stand together and each of us must do our part to help solve these enormous challenges. Small or big – everything we do makes a difference.
We can take responsibility and do our part by focusing on and working according to the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), among other initiatives.

All of these SDGs are hugely important, but in more concrete terms we at ASTRUP Group A/S have initially chosen to focus in particular on 5 SDGs which we as a company believe we have the greatest influence on:

Goal no. 3: Good health and well-being. This Goal is about ensuring a healthy life for everyone and promoting well-being for all age groups. We want to promote both mental and physical health and well-being in our company. There are room for diversity, there are room for personal growth.

Goal No. 12: Responsible consumption and production. We must reduce the pressure we are putting on our earth. We are working towards producing all our wood products using FSC®-certified timber so that we can join the effort to guarantee proper forest maintenance. We are attempting to reduce waste by reusing materials such as packaging. We are working to reduce our use of plastic with regards to both procurement and the sale of our goods.

Goal on. 13: Climate action. We are involved in stopping deforestation, as well as other initiatives. That’s why we manufacture all of our products using FSC®-certified timber. By doing this, we are part of the effort to promote sustainable forestry in the fight against climate change.

Goal no. 15: Life on land. We want to achieve sustainable forestry. That’s why we are an FSC®-certified company which, as far as possible, only uses FSC®-certified timber for manufacturing our wooden toys. At the same time, FSC®-certified forests create the foundations for maintaining an income for affected families.

Goal no. 17: Partnerships for the goals. We partner with a number of organisations that want to take responsibility for our earth and for the people and animals who live here. We collaborate with FSC®, Amfori and Legebranchen, and also strive to maintain good, long-lasting partnerships with our suppliers. By doing this, we can help to change and improve working conditions at factories and more through dialogue and support. We can be a part of making sure that our products are produced responsibly and to a high level of quality.

We are confident that when consumers buy our products, they don’t just buy toys, they buy values. For many, this means being able to shop with peace of mind.  So by buying our products, you are also contributing to the efforts to achieve the UN’s many Sustainable Development Goals.


-Responsible products
As a company that designs and produces toys, we see it as our responsibility to take the lead with initiatives that will help to protect out environment and ensure our children’s future. It’s why we are an FSC®-certified company and why we predominantly use FSC®-certified timber for manufacturing our wooden toys.
FSC® - short for the Forest Stewardship Council® - is an independent, non-profit organisation that was established to promote responsible forestry. At the same time, FSC® is a guarantee that plant and animal life in our forests is protected, and that the people working in our forests have proper working conditions and good pay etc.


-Ensuring proper working conditions at supplier factories
ASTRUP Group A/S has been a member of AMFORI BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) since 2018

BSCI is a group of international companies that are committed to and work towards monitoring and improving working conditions in the global supply chain. The organisation helps retailers, import merchants and brands to improve social aspects and working conditions at factories and primary production sites across the globe.
An AMFORI BSCI-audit helps us ensure that our suppliers are treating their workers the right way, legally and ethically.

Danish Toy Industry Association LEG

Danish Toy Industry Association LEG

We are a member of the Danish industry organisation LEG.

We are a member because:
LEG works to maintain and develop a responsible industry focused on increasing understanding of the positive role of play in children’s lives and development.

There is a great deal of focus on production factors, the environment, product safety and consumer safety.  
Children’s safety is top priority and all products which LEG members sell are required to comply with applicable legislation and standards, and to be safe for children to play with.

As a consumer, you should be able to feel safe when buying toys for your child. That’s why it’s important for manufacturers of toys to be members of LEG.


At ASTRUP Group A/S, we produce high-quality toys with a high play value. That’s why we encourage you to pass on your toys once they are no longer needed. This could be to family, friends, neighbours or charity shops. You can also choose to hold onto the toy for the next generation.

We have developed a pictogram that symbolises the idea behind Hand-Me-Over. The logo will appear on all our products where printing is possible.

Our philosophy when it comes to a sustainable procurement profile is:
Buy less – Buy better – Use toys longer – PASS ON YOUR TOYS

Overproduction and Cardboard packaging

Overproduction and Cardboard packaging

We are working to reduce our waste. That’s why we reuse as much cardboard packaging as possible at our warehouse. It’s also why you may well receive a box from ASTRUP Group A/S with a text on it that doesn’t correspond to what is actually inside. It might be that your box was used to transport goods from us to a supplier.

We never incinerate or destroy unsold goods.
Items with minor defects which don’t have any impact on their play value or safety are donated to nurseries, hospitals etc. A small stain or tear in a toy doesn’t make it any less good to play with and it can still enjoy a long life.
Any larger volumes of unsold stock are sold to outlet customers who sell the products at heavily discounted prices.

Test and product safety

Product safety is an immensely important factor for us.
We test all the products we manufacture so that we can be confident that no child will ever be injured by them.
We test according to requirements in Europe, the USA and Australia, and always use a recognised third-party lab such as SGS, Intertek or CTT.


-Danish Children's Cancer Association (Børnecancerfonden)
We hope that our wish for a world without cancer will one day come true.
That’s why ASTRUP Group A/S donates €1,000 to the Danish Children's Cancer Association (Børnecancerfonden) every month.

Read more here:

-other donations
We donate toys to a number of different local associations that organise help efforts around Christmas time etc., and give products to local daycare facilities.

Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

We  implement our social responsibility locally. We engage by actively participating in training students who need internships, for example.

We offer internships or permanent positions for people who need help integrating into society, or who need to find out about opportunities or restrictions in the their daily work.

Adapting to one another and making a difference wherever we can is deeply embedded in our DNA.


At ASTRUP Group A/S, our biggest and most important resource is our employees. That’s why we prioritise their safety, well-being, development and health.

All our employees have the opportunity to make a difference regardless of their role, age, religion, sexual orientation etc. The skills and knowledge of each individual should be strengthened, we should lift one another up, we should help one another, and we should celebrate our differences.
Some of the ways we do this include:

-Holding development reviews for all employees twice a year. This is a dialogue focused on each individual’s activities, growth, opportunities, wishes and goals for the coming months.

-We want happy and healthy employees and encourage healthy bodies and good health. As a result, we became a smoke-free workplace on 1 July 2022. We also want to minimise the consumption of sweets, cakes and fizzy drinks. That’s why we have set up a snack fridge that is free to use for all our employees. Every day, this fridge is filled with cold bottled water, fresh fruit and vegetable snacks.

-Another of our initiatives is a daily walk after lunch.

-We have set up a staff association that organises different events and social gatherings for employees.

-All employees receive health insurance.

-We offer secure employment - mistakes are unavoidable but we allow room for mistakes if you learn from them.

-We encourage everyone to continue their education. This helps to grow the company and makes the job more attractive for employees.