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You can be certain to have your mobile and all your necessities at your fingertips with this exquisite byASTRUP® mobile pouch.
This byASTRUP® mobile pouch is made of lovely corduroy with a logo on the front. It consists of two smaller compartments, closed/opened with a magnetic pressure lock. Here you can keep your telephone, cards and keys. On the back of the bag is a pocket with a zip fastener where there is room for cards and coins.
The pouch has an adjustable strap that can easily be adjusted to the desired size.
The strap can be extended to a maximum of 110 cm.
We want to be part of creating a safe future for our children
Global warming, food waste, too much plastic in the natural environment etc. – everyday life is shaped by challenges for all of us. No-one – politicians, companies, organisation or consumers – can solve these challenges alone and ensure a safe future for our children. We all have a shared responsibility – we must stand together and each of us must do our part to help solve these enormous challenges. Small or big – everything we do makes a difference.
We can take responsibility and do our part by focusing on and working according to the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), among other initiatives.